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How to re-launch your post-Covid-19 career in the hospitality sector

It goes without saying that we are living in very trying times at the moment. Regarding work opportunities in South Africa in the hospitality industry post the lockdown, it is known that competition is going to be very stiff and places for alumni to consolidate and grow their skills are limited. Exploring other options further afield may just be the perfect departure and platform former hospitality students will need to launch or re-launch their careers in the industry. In strategic partnership with Visa Solutions and New Leaf Hospitality, a full-service hospitality management and development company located in North Dakota in the USA, the Induku Group is actively recruiting seasoned professionals in the hospitality industry to join the ‘Live Your Dream’ programme.

The programme supports culinary school and travel and tourism graduates to apply to work in the USA within the next 18 months through an investment in a US Green Card that will secure them one of 30 coveted places as line cooks, guest service associates and room attendants in one of seven highly appointed hotels that forms part of New Leaf Hospitality’s extensive portfolio.