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The E2 Visa Programme

The Green Room

Administered by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, an E2 visa is a renewable non-immigrant visa that is a viable and popular option for foreign entrepreneurs and investors and their families (spouse and children under 21) to live, work and study in the US. To obtain an E2 visa, applicants must invest a substantial amount of capital in a United States business and should be prepared to direct and develop that business. All the funds used to invest in the E2 business should have been obtained lawfully. The E2 visa is temporary, however, it can be renewed without limit, as long as the E2 company continues to operate and satisfy all of the E2 visa requirements. The E2 visa does not directly lead to a green card. Book an appointment today to find out how you can make a safe and secure investment in a US business and start your application today.